MSQRD – Live Filters for Video Selfies


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  • Version 1.8.3
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Before making its way to Android, the MSQRD app was one of the most popular face-changing apps for the Apple iOS in history, receiving tens of millions of downloads for its fun, whimsical and innovative features that allow you to put a wide array of different masks onto your face for photos and videos.

A Detailed Review of the MSQRD App

Many mobile users out there might actually recognize the MSQRD app for the Android OS, and that's because it used to be an Apple-specific app. But due to its extreme popularity, it was formatted for Android and is starting to experience the same type of popularity. Basically, rather than working as a photo editor that allows you to change and rearrange some mask and graphics features after the fact, this app actually works in real time and allows you to wear the mask itself while you're shooting a video. You can wear masks like like old-school silent movie actors, beards, monkeys, zombies, and even famous people like former President Barack Obama. The best part about this particular app is that the controls are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is point to the mask you want to be wearing and click, and it will automatically align with your face and allow you to take photos or shoot videos of yourself in this mask. It's great for anonymity if you need it for creating social commentary videos, or you can simply use it in a whimsical way to have fun with friends.

While the actual app size is quite large, it doesn't really have a very large footprint when it comes to operating. So you can record a video and add a variety of masks and other features without actually bogging your device down. The fact that these masks superimpose over your face in real time and follow you around, however, is the real clincher.

Pros and Cons of MSQRD


  • Small footprint won't sap processing power
  • Tons of different masks and graphics options
  • Allows you to use it in real time
  • Final rendered photos and videos aren't very large in size


  • Relatively large file size
  • Only available for Android 4.3 and up

- Added compressed textures support(effects should download faster)

- Fixed Face Swap effect on Mali GPU's

- Added Astronaut effect

- Added new country flags masks(in Sports category)

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